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In And Out
by M. J. Rossi
In and Out is a suspenseful espionage novel. Two counterparts, an American and a Russian plot to cause havoc in the United States of America.
U.S. Presidents: Rankings, Controversies, Scandals and Oddities
by M. J. Rossi
Upon highlighting each of our United States Presidents, a handy list of the scandals, controversies, oddities and perhaps, blunders are enumerated.
Arts in Education: A Handbook
by Susan Joyce Carpenter
The philosophy outlined within the book is that 1) everybody has innate creativity and 2) that everyone has the ability to help others through the arts.
No More
by M. J. Rossi
Eric Adamson is tormenting the residents of Gorman Village and his crime spree is baffling the village detective, Samuel Brownfield.
The Canvas of Eliza Bordeaux
by C. A. Dano
Her face was her humiliation; her talent, her salvation.
Missing on the Mountain
by M.J. Rossi
This is the final novel of the Adirondack Mystery Trilogy. Police Chief Mark Winston’s secretary and his best friend have vanished. Again the hamlet of Keene is mesmerized by a baffling case.
The Williston Story
by F. Kennon Moody & Floyd D. Putnam
On June 7, 1763 Governor Benning Wentworth of New Hampshire grant to Samuel Willis and sixty four others, 23,040 acres of land which would become the Town of Williston. On July 20th, 1764 the King of England ruled that the western bank of the Connecticut River would be the boundary between New Hampshire and New York.
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