Direct Connection
Judith Miller

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Soft Cover
264 pages

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In "Direct Connection: Transformation of Consciousness," Dr. Judith Miller integrates her acquired knowledge and understanding of the mystical into an innovative therapeutic approach that redefines the concepts of mental health and mental illness. This provocative text relates the intimate story of the author's search for meaning in her own life that led to her exciting breakthrough in the treatment of mental illness. Dr. Miller challenges the medical establishment to re-examine the way in which it perceives human nature. Is a schizophrenic religious delusion a symptom of a disease, or an actual spiritual experience? Dr. Miller encourages us to be open to all possibilities in this illuminating and dynamic book.

About the Author

Dr. Judith Miller received her doctorate from Temple University and has held professorships at Antioch College, Temple University, and Columbia University. She has maintained a private practice since 1988 providing group and individual psychotherapy.

She conducts many workshops and her lecture presentations include: Advanced Theory for Healing Psychoses, New Approaches for Treatment of Mental Illness, and New Approaches for Understanding Schizophrenia. Since 1989 she has made numerous television and radio appearances discussing mystical experiences and mental illness.

Dr. Miller is a member of the American Psychological Association, the American Society of Psychical Research, and the Association of Transpersonal Psychology.

She currently resides in Pennsylvania with her husband Marty.

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