by C. A. Rodriguez
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ISBN: 978-1-58776-897-2
Soft Cover

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Three fairy tale sisters journey through the winter forest and down the River Rashingor into the world of men--and beyond. Incorporating verse and song, RASHINGOR has been called a virtuoso piece of its kind, an anti-Cinderella fairy tale, and anti-heroic song-of-the-hero, a literary feminist fantasy. Written during the turmoil of the 70s, it owes nothing to later fantasy writers like J. K. Rowling, but with its swift and finely-wrought prose, its stirring poetry, and its deep and sensitive understanding of the epic/romantic tradition, it is a work J. R. R. Tolkein would have loved--not for its echoing of his own work, but for its freshness and brilliance in carrying forward the tradition that inspired him.

Author Bios

C. A. Rodriguez is an old woman and an old writer with an M.A. and a Ph.D. in English and Comparative Literature. She lives in the Hudson Valley with her family and an ancient cat, and her verse translations of 17th-century Spanish analogues of Shakespeare and John Webster are still in print.

ISBN: 978-1-58776-897-2

Price: $15.95

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