Competitive Positioning
Best Practices for Creating Brand Loyalty

Richard D. Czerniawski & Michael W. Maloney
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ISBN: 978-1-58776-914-6
Soft Cover

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It takes healthy brands to succeed in today’s chaotic, fast-moving, competitive marketplace. Yet, marketers are confronted with, and their organizations are contributing to, an “age of sameness,” where products and services are virtually indistinguishable. The result is that customers are commoditizing categories and discriminating principally on price. Offering more and/or enhanced features is not enough to win customers and create loyalty. It’s high time to move beyond product marketing to embrace brand marketing. COMPETITIVE POSITIONING - BEST PRACTICES FOR CREATING BRAND LOYALTY empowers marketing managers by sharing proven principles, insights from leading marketing practitioners, practical tools, and real-world examples, all of which will help you to successfully build your brand—a brand that will connect emotionally with the heart, and remain uppermost in your customers’ minds. Step by step, you’ll learn best practices that will enable you to develop a competitive positioning.

Author Bios

Richard Czerniawski is the founder of Brand Development Network International. His client experiences include key marketing positions with Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Richardson-Vicks, and the Coca-Cola Company (where he served as Director of Marketing for all soft drink brands in the United States). He has held every position in marketing from Brand Assistant to Chief Marketing Officer to General Manager to Board Director of a start-up company in the natural healthcare category. Michael Maloney (Mike) is a Managing Partner with Brand Development Network International. Mike has held key marketing positions with Procter & Gamble, the Coca-Cola Company, Tropicana Products, and PepsiCo. At Frito-Lay, he served as Vice President of their "Salty Snack" portfolio; he also served as the General Manager of their overall snack operations in the Northeast and Midwest territories of the U.S. And, with PepsiCo Foods International, he led their worldwide marketing team.


"A must read for serious brand-builders everywhere."
- Leo Kiely, Chief Executive Officer, MillerCoors Brewing Company

"A blueprint for taking a product today and turning it into a leadership brand for tomorrow."
- Andrew Langer, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, Roberts & Langer Advertising

ISBN: 978-1-58776-914-6

Price: $40.00; Softcover

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