Of Great Worth

by Anne Ferrell Tata
$21.95 plus S&H
ISBN: 9781587769269
Soft Cover

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Avery Fletcher is living the kind of life she had always imagined. She is married to Richard, a former football star at Duke University and now a litigator working toward partnership at his law firm. Avery is a successful pharmaceutical sales representative. Together they have two sweet young daughters. Avery finds the time to take her daughters on play dates, work out at the local gym, and meet her girlfriends for lunch. On the surface, things are the way she had always dreamed.

Why, then, does Avery feel so lonely and unhappy? She tries to talk to Richard, but he only reminds her of all the things for which she should be grateful. Thinking about that only adds guilt to her loneliness. Avery decides to visit her understanding best friend, Lexie Robbins, a beautiful model living in New York City. She trusts that Lexie will give her the encouragement to bring her out of her despair. Instead, Avery meets Giovanni La Rocca, a handsome Italian businessman, who offers an easy solution to her loneliness. Himself.

Caught between two worlds, Avery must decide her next move. One way appears to be the right way, the other way appears to be the better way, but what about His way?

Author Bio

Anne Ferrell Tata grew up as an "Army Brat," moving frequently both in the United States and Europe with her parents and five siblings. Ms. Tata then earned a BA from Florida State University. She has been an award-winning medical sales representative, political fundraiser, inventor and patent holder, tri-athlete, and a Regional Account Manager for KLOVE/Air1 Christian Radio Network. She is also a frequent public speaker. She is married to Robert M. Tata, an attorney in Norfolk, Virginia, and is the mother of four children.

ISBN: 9781587769269

Price: $21.95

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