Solving the Brand Puzzle: How to Define and Develop a Complete Brand

by Robert Michaud
$15.95 plus S&H
ISBN: 9781587769306
Soft Cover

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Your brand is not what you say it is.

Instead, it is what your customer perceives it to be.

Solving the Brand Puzzle will help you understand why a brand is a lot more than a logo and a tag line. For a brand to be complete it must be integrated into a company s strategic vision, be part of management s business plans, embody a staff culture that communicates it to customers, and provide a sensory experience that caters to all five senses.

Solving the Brand Puzzle is entertaining and educational. It clarifies, defines, and structures the abstract concept of brand development and will empower you to take control of how your brand is perceived.

Author Bio

Robert Michaud has worked in sales, marketing, advertising, and customer service for over 35 years. During his career, he developed award-winning campaigns and projects for several national and regional clients in a wide range of businesses including retail, manufacturing, home improvement, banking, and health care.

ISBN: 9781587769306

Price: $15.95

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