FDR and His Hudson Valley Neighbors

by F. Kennon Moody
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ISBN: 978-1-58776-941-2
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Many have attempted to define and describe Franklin D. Roosevelt. Any understanding of the enigma that was F.D.R. must examine the roots that were so firmly established in the Delano and Roosevelt families, and in the rural nature of the mid-Hudson Valley and Dutchess County of the 19th century. The complexity of the man and the myth must be seen in relationship to the time, the place and the people who provided his roots roots that could withstand the political storms of the 20th century. F.D.R.’s relationship to the world of the Hudson Valley and Dutchess County has often been ignored in favor of the more inclusive global frame of reference. This book examines the relationship of F.D.R. to the residents of the Hudson Valley to explain the significance of that relationship to the private and public life of F.D.R. In this study the term “neighbor” refers to the aristocracy who lived in the estates on the East Bank of the Hudson, the citizens of Hyde Park, and the citizens of Dutchess County. From his first campaign in 1910 to his tragic death in 1945 he carried a perception of his neighbors that had a profound effect on his politics.

Author Bio

F. Kennon Moody earned a B.A., History, Centenary College of Louisiana; M. Div., Yale University Divinity School; Ph.D., American History, SUNY at Albany. During 23 years at Dutchess Community College, he was a Dean in several areas. Since retirement in 1997 he has been an independent researcher, specializing in the archival documents and photographs at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library – providing research services for a variety of clients, including the Oregon Public Broadcasting for a national program entitled “FDR and His Homes,” Iowa Public Broadcasting, legal scholars in Alabama and Georgia, historians and authors in many states. Research has been done for scholars in Germany, Denmark, England, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Hungary, and China. Research projects have been varied: Curtis Roosevelt’s biography, Too Close to the Sun; Robert Rosen’s Saving the Jews: FDR and the Holocaust; Thomas Fleming’s The New Dealer’s War. Authored An Operational History of the Roosevelt Estate for the National Park Service and initial drafts for the narrative tour of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, D. C. His email address: kmoody@roosevelt-researcher.com

ISBN: 978-1-58776-941-2

Price: $25.95

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