A Land Of Mystery, Magic And Mayhem

by JD Taylor
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ISBN: 9781587769467
Soft Cover

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The adventurous childhood memory of living in MacArthur s Occupied Japan (1949-52) an eyewitness historical account. After five years and eight months General Douglas MacArthur was fired by President Truman. The General said SAYONARA on April 16, 1951. Prior to his departure, Emperor Hirohito paid a personal visit to The General against the advice of his court. Prime Minister Yoshida thanked MacArthur for his historic contributions: setting the frame for Modern Japan, saving the people from starvation, bringing democracy, pacifism, education, women rights and a new Constitution. Yoshida said: "He guided us with kindness." On December 26, 1949, MacArthur granted amnesty to a number of war criminals from Sugamo Prison. The General was accompanied to Haneda Airport by members of the Diet, the Prime Minister and representatives of the Emperor. Macarthur boarded his private plane, the Bataan, and disappeared into the white puffy clouds. A sorrowful NHK Public Radio announcer kept repeating ,"Goodbye General MacArthur" while playing "Auld Lang Syne." Over 2 million people lined the streets waving American and Japanese flags bidding The General adieu. Japanese and American dependent school children were excused from classes. The author, living in Sendai at the time, observed the tearful throngs saying farewell to their blue-eyed Tokugawa Shogun.

Author Bio

John D. Taylor is a former high school, adult ed and adjunct college history instructor. He has published articles in teachers' periodicals, Runner's World, Reunions Magazine and an Op-ed piece in The Washington Post ("Free For All"). He was the first editor of the ARK, a newsletter for the Commonwealth of Virginia's Federation of Humane Societies and author of Beauregard: Canine Warrior. In 1989, John's essay "The Munich Enigma" won a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities. John received a BA from the University of Maryland, an MEd from the University of Virginia and an MA from Georgetown University. He also served as a court-appointed Humane Investigator and is a veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division.

ISBN: 9781587769467

Price: $16.95

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