The Singing Bowl: Voices of the Enemy 2nd Edition

by Madeleine Segall-Marx
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ISBN: 9781587769511
Soft Cover

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"An enemy is one whose story we have not heard." These words by peace activist Gene Knudsen Hoffman inspired artist Madeleine Segall-Marx to explore the concept of listening to the “other” as an alternative to making war. For this project she collected 25 personal stories from conflict areas around the globe and created a visual artwork representing each story as a voice of someone’s enemy. This book contains pictures of the collection of artworks, together with the stories. The third element here is food, as the artist uses food as a device to link the origins of the story teller to the visual work. The concept is to consider strengthening the muscle of listening in order to weaken the urge toward violence, for our future. This book represents a project of ten years, and the works, along with the stories will travel throughout the US, beginning in 2013.

Author Bio

A sculptor in both two and three dimensions, Madeleine Segall-Marx loves her time alone with her work during the challenge of creation, but she more and more is distracted by the world around her, and so has created work and group exhibitions that explore the human condition. She is an instructor of figurative sculpture. She hates war and loves joy. She has a handle on 5 languages, in varying degrees. She is an excellent dancer of salsa, swing and Argentine tango. She is grateful for the people around the planet who have entered her life. She has won a lot of awards. She doesn’t take herself all that seriously.

ISBN: 9781587769511

Price: $40.00

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