A Collector’s Guide: Beretta 1934 / 1935 Pistols

by Alexander Cohen
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ISBN: 978-1-58776-966-5
Soft Cover

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Considered by many to be one of the high points in Beretta’s design history, the Model1934 and 1935 pistols have a following of their own. This Collector’s Guide is intended to help novice and experienced collectors alike identify the numerous variations of Beretta 1934 and 1935 pistols that exist. With nearly 1.5 million pistols of both types having been manufactured, there is ample opportunity to encounter them at various firearm venues around the country. In addition to dozens of high resolution and full color photographs of Beretta pistols, holsters and accessories, the book includes a chart with pistol serial numbers and years of production along with rare historical photos of Beretta pistols in use during World War Two. A Must have for serious Beretta pistol collectors!

Author Bio

Alexander Cohen is a U.S. Army veteran and military historian. This is his first published work.

ISBN: 978-1-58776-966-5

Price: $9.99

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