The Williston Story

by F. Kennon Moody & Floyd D. Putnam
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ISBN: 9781587769696
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On June 7, 1763 Governor Benning Wentworth of New Hampshire grant to Samuel Willis and sixty four others, 23,040 acres of land which would become the Town of Williston. On July 20th, 1764 the King of England ruled that the western bank of the Connecticut River would be the boundary between New Hampshire and New York. Thus the legally of the Vermont grants including Williston would remain cloudy until October 28, 1790, when the State of Vermont paid to the State of New York thirty thousand dollars for clear title for lands east of Lake Champlain and west of the Connecticut River.

For the first 200 years of its existence Williston played an important role in the history of Vermont, particularly early in its history as the town of the first Governor Thomas Chittenden.

Author Bio

Dr. F. Kennon Moody is an historical researcher and consultant, a Roosevelt researcher with many years of experience. He specializes in the documents and photographs of Franklin D. Roosevelt Library areas of specialty: the World Wars, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt, Springwood estate in Hyde Park, Val-Kill, members of the FDR administrations, U.S. historical events and people. He has many areas of expertise, knows proven research sources and methodology. Ken Moody lives near the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum and is intimate with its resources.

ISBN: 9781587769696

Price: $16.00

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