The Sauer 38H Pistol

by Alexander Cohen
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ISBN: 9781587769719
Soft Cover

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Despite being one of the lesser known German pistols of World War Two, the Sauer 38H pistol was and still is considered a revolutionary design for its time period. Produced by the legendary German firearms manufacturer J.P. Sauer and Sohn, the Sauer 38H pistol was produced between 1938 and 1945 with a total production of approximately 250,000 pistols making it one of the more rare German pistols of The War. This book is a useful reference for anyone wanting to learn more about this unique pistol, its history and its use. In addition to dozens of high resolution and full color photographs of Sauer 38H pistols, holsters and accessories, the book includes numerous German wartime archival photos.

Author Bios

Alexander Cohen is a U.S. Army veteran and military historian. This is his first published work.

ISBN: 9781587769719

Price: $11.99

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