Arts in Education: A Handbook

by Susan Joyce Carpenter
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ISBN: 9781587769764
Soft Cover

Publication date: August 2017

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This is a ‘how to’ practical handbook to assist and encourage student teachers and professionals to use the artsevery day in schools and in their lives! The handbook covers: visual art, movement, music, integrated arts, as well as integrating arts in the curriculum. It has many ideas and practical suggestions for both the non-specialist and specialist teacher to use within the classroom. It gives teachers tools, ideas but most importantly confidence to be creative, to sing, to dance, to enjoy making art with children and for their own creative development. The book also focusses on inclusion and the ability of all students to contribute whether non-verbal, on the spectrum or neuro typical.Other topics covered include: Visiting a museum, talking to children about art, stages of children’s drawing, recycled sculpture, intergenerational community music, composing songs, creative dance and much more.

Author Bios

Sue Carpenter PhD is an international arts educator and artist. She has taught inLondon, Canberra and New York. She has worked in museums including the Queens Museum New York, and the Royal Academy Arts Education program in London. She has also taught in arts centers andhospitals. She has extensive experience teaching intergenerational music programs and within special educationincluding District 75 in New York City, and in early childhood,elementary and high schools including Ainslie and WodenSchool in Canberra, Australia. She currently teaches and co-ordinates the arts in education courses at Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn-City University of New York. She is co- chair of the University’s transitions for post-secondary education for students with intellectual disabilities faculty committee.

ISBN: 9781587769764

Price: $57.00

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