For Mercy's Sake: A Preparation for Jesus' Return

Carol Ameche
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ISBN: 1-58776-846-1

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This book contains alleged messages from Heaven Carol Ameche has been receiving as internal locutions since 1999 and before in which she shares words about these present times that see the "end of time as we know and live it now (NOT the end of the world, but) enormous changes in the world, great destruction, great outpourings of the Holy Spirit, attempted world domination by the enemies of freedom and God Himself, a call to the earth that pleads trust in Heavenly promises of protection to faithful followers of Jesus, teachings that guide us through chaos and upheaval on the earth without fear or despair, and requests for enormous amounts of prayer for the salvation of the world. This call and these promises are for everyone in the world to come back to our God now, especially those in most need of His mercy; news about the enormous gift of the Illumination of the minds of every individual on the earth (at the same moment!) to the state of our souls as God sees them, with time for reconciliation in preparation for the return of Jesus to the earth to fight and win the battle of Armageddon, and related events that fulfill all of Scripture up to the Second Coming of Jesus.

About the Author

Carol lives in Scottsdale, AZ with her husband Don. They have five children and eleven grandchildren and are members of Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Church. She has been speaking throughout the world for the past fifteen years to share words of knowledge received internally from the Triune God and Virgin Mother regarding the need to change in the people of God, as all are called to become, in order to reach out to those who come to us.

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