Ultimate Betrayal
Uta Monique Behrens

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ISBN: 1-58776-837-2
Soft Cover
296 pages

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ULTIMATE BETRAYAL: How one homeowner's small claim against her homeowners' association turned into a $95,000.00 legal nightmare, is the story of a homeowner who, after being denied repeated requests for records' reviews of invoices, check disbursements, and her own account ledger by the board of directors of her homeowners association (HOA), on which she had served as a board member, filed a Small Claim for reimbursement. The HOA hired a lawyer and changed venue to Justice Court. When the homeowner refused to dismiss her case, the HOA's attorney motioned for a Jury Trial. Being too scared to conduct a jury trial as a laywoman, the homeowner hired a young lawyer she had met and liked, who specialized in HOA matters. Not in her wildest dreams could she have imagined the nightmare of "lawyering" that ensued over the next two years, being unable to stop the endless legal fees, costs, physical and emotional trauma. This is a riveting story that any one buying into a homeowners' association should read. It should be mandatory reading for any law student.

About the Author

Uta Monique Behrens was born near Cologne, Germany. She studied in Cambrige, Paris, and Munich, where she worked as an executive secretary for foreign affairs before emigrating to America. She flew as a flight attendant for American Airlines until marriage. While raising three children in Arizona, she became a successful real estate investor and manager, and attended Arizona State University, graduating magna cum laude. She has been active in the community for over 30 years, volunteering extensively, and serving on many boards of directors of non-profit organizations. For several years, she served pro bono as a trained mediator for the Arizona Superior Court. She was the first foreigner to be awarded an Outstanding Young Woman of America nomination. In 2002, ASU awarded her its distinguished Alumni Service Award, and in 2003, the Arts Renaissance Institute presented her with an Art Renaissance Woman Award. IMPACT, IN 2004, named her as Honoree at its Celebration of Success. Her motto: The first 25 years are for learning, the second are for earning, and the third are for returning (to the community).

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