We Are All In This Alone

Heather Cronrath
$19.95 plus S&H
ISBN: 1-58776-839-9
Soft Cover

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We Are All In This Alone is a compilation of messages received by Heather Cronrath from Babaji that may be used as daily mediations, spiritual lessons, personal revelations and tools. The book provides an interactive approach to spiritual coaching. Readers are encouraged to flip through its pages while focusing on a particular question or issue, and find guidance in the words as they reveal themselves. Each topic is designed to help each of us begin the spiritual journey to discovery of Self in a loving, gentle, and joyful manner.

Heather Cronrath has spent her journey here on earth tasting, testing and relishing this thing we call life. Blessed with the ability to hear voices as a child, she chose to shut them off. She then spent the next twenty years attempting to appear "normal." Luckily her disguise didn't work and she was surrounded by people and circumstances that allowed her to remember her past abilities and to begin again to strengthen, develop, and hone her hearing, seeing and knowing. Heather brings her years of study, her MBA and corporate experience, life-coaching skills and intuition to the party. Her approach is humor, compassion, insight and the shining of light into what seem to be dark spaces. She guides people along the path to enlightenment with care, energy and enthusiasm. Her job is to help those that seek her to find the light within themselves so that they may too shine it out into today's world and begin to bring peace and healing to all they encounter.

ISBN: 1-58776-839-9

Price: $19.95; Softcover edition

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