Albert Camus: The Mythic and the Real

Jennifer Eastman
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ISBN: 1-58244-112-X
Hard Cover
200 Pages

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Albert Camus was killed in an automobile accident in 1960, seemingly a victim of his own prophecy. Author Jennifer Eastman uncovers this and many other absorbing insights into the life of Albert Camus in this psychological biography with a fresh and fascinating face.

Long admired as a top philosopher/ author of the twentieth century, Camus's vital words continue to speak to new generations of young intellectuals with the same intensity they had for their parents. Albert Camus: The Mythic and the Real provides a comprehensive analysis of the development of Camus's philosophical theories from a psychological viewpoint. The author discusses Camus's personal relationships, particularly with his family, and reveals how it influenced his work over the course of his career.

Ms. Eastman also studies Camus's fascination with the archetypal figures of classic mythology and literature, observing the way in which the psychological concepts derived from myth are incorporated into Camus's writing. The author draws a compelling portrait of a man who challenged society with provocative theories formulated through his own quest for self-realization.

About the Author

Jennifer Eastman has many credentials. Each of them undoubtedly contributed to her writing of this factual, intellectual, yet interesting and readable biography, Albert Camus: The Mythic and the Real.

After earning degrees in history and psychology (with honors) at Brandeis University and Harvard University, she went on to earn a law degree (with honors as well) from Suffolk University. Her many interests and abilities have taken her from careers in psychohistory research and writing to the legal profession and back to psychohistory research and writing.

Currently, Ms. Eastman is an attorney and visiting lecturer at Framingham State College. She was born in Connecticut, raised in Texas, and has resided in Massachusetts since moving east for her extensive education.

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