Taking Women in New Directions
Stories from the Second Wave of the Women's Movement from New Directions for Women, 1972–1993— The Issues That Galvanized Women to Change Society Completely and Forever

Paula Kassell
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ISBN: 978-1-58776-895-8
Soft Cover

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This new collection of reprinted original news articles, editorials, and book reviews from the Second Wave of the women’s movement is designed to give people of all ages a good grasp of the struggles women waged and the obstacles they overcame to reach this point in history. Taking Women in New Directions is filled with reprints of published pieces directly from the pioneering feminist periodical New Directions for Women. Paula Kassell, the author, founded this feminist newspaper and served as the first editor/publisher.

It’s all here—the triumphs, the setbacks, the sense of immediacy as New Directions for Women covered the drive to remake American society and showed the way with fierce determination and the conviction that women could make their dreams a reality. This is the history women continue to build on. Revel in the actual headlines, photos, drawings, cartoons, and articles—as they appeared in print.

Here’s a sampling of the compelling and insightful pieces in Taking Women in New Directions:

  • Miss . . . Mrs. . . . Ms. (how I persuaded the New York Times to use the honorific Ms.)
  • Dad Sues NBC in Landmark Court Case (paternity leave)
  • Affirmative Inaction (lack of enforcement of affirmative action laws)
  • Politicians Beware! (spotlighting activism by feminists in political campaigns)

ISBN: 978-1-58776-895-8

Price: $15.95; Softcover

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