Alengo, Joseph: Tales out of school
Balarin, Alfredo: Jump
Bartell, Roderick J.: Before the Call: The communication Playbook
Czerniawski & Maloney: Competitive Positioning
Creating Brand Loyalty
Davidson, Abraham: The Paintings of E. M. Soniga
Eastman, Jennifer: Albert Camus
Flink, Steve: The Greatest Tennis Matches of the Twentieth Century
Goetz, Samuel: I Never Saw My Face
Hubert, Sandy: Soul Encounters
Food Obsession No More!
Kassell, Paula: Taking Women in New Directions
Louise, Irene: Circumstance of Conception
Mid-Hudson Antislavery History Project: Slavery, Antislavery and the Underground Railroad
36 Antislavery Songs: Music of the American Abolitionists
Miller, Judith: Direct Connection
Moehle, Bonnie: Thoughts from Within
Nurick, Carl: Living to Die
Peterson, Tammy: I Love to Eat and Hate to Exercise
Prosnitz, David: Common Differences
Quinn, Erin: Pride and Politics
Rhodes, Arthur: The Last Reich: America Strikes Back
Rolfes, Hans G. : General Foods
Rosenberg, Dr. Steven M.: I Hope the Hell I Win!
Rothman, Dr. Allan: World Enough and Time
Schwartz, Susanna Jaffe: The Musings of a Reluctant Pragmatist
Settles, Craig: After Muni-Wireless Comes to Town
Fighting The Good Fight
Fighting The Next Good Fight
Stover, Walt: Dreams - My Lamp Unto the Darkness
Taylor, John D.: Beauregard: A Canine Warrior
Theodore, Paula G.: Attitude is Everything!
Warner, Jack: Decorating Time Savers
WhiteWolfStar, Mei Lan: A Manual on Cleansing, Clearing...
Wu, Arlouine Goodjohn: Facing Chimeras
Yuritic, Donna Rae: Animal Angels

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