Living To Die

Carl Nurick
$24.95 plus S&H
ISBN: 1-58244-249-5
Soft Cover

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Living To Die is a provocative overview of some of the world's prominent religions in which author Carl Nurick examines how various doctrines have either contributed to or alleviated human strife. In this cogent, well-researched study Mr. Nurick presents the idea that not only is there no one path to spiritual fulfillment, but in fact those religions that insist they are the only way cause the greatest misery to mankind. The faiths that promote proselytizing and force adherence to religious law - Islamic and Christian fundamentalism in particular - have been responsible for much of the war and genocide throughtout history. Conversely, Mr. Nurick points to philosophies that stress the attainment of individual enlightenment as the belief systems that legitimately foster a more harmonious society.

Living to Die is a book that will stimulate considerable theological debate, but in light of recent world events, Mr. Nurick presents an intriguing point of view that is worth considering.

ISBN: 1-58244-249-5

Price: $24.95; Softcover edition

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