I Love to Eat and Hate to Exercise

Tammy Peterson
$19.95 plus S&H
ISBN: 978-1-58776-872-9
Soft Cover

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An inspired journey of self discovery which will allow you to successfully create small, simple and smart changes in life long habits to achieve a healthier and happier you. Learn small, simple and smart changes of habit you can make to create the life you desire. Discover what foods you are not willing to give up and what you are willing to do to not give them up. Implement Tammy's 4 M's: Moderation, Muscle, Metabolism and Mind as part of your daily life and you will experience positive results. You will use the power of your mind to discover the reasons you eat and learn how to change old thought patters. Tammy encourages you to stop your negative self talk and realize that you don't need to be perfect at dieting. Dieting is a "Do the best you can game"; so praise yourself for the small victories. There are ten of Tammy's watercolor angels with their inspirational messages through out the book.

About the Author

Tammy is certified by International Sports Science Association in personal fitness instruction, fitness therapy, nutritional counseling and life coaching. She has a business degree and owns two businesses. For the past six years she has done customized in home personal training and wrote this book to share some of the discoveries her clients have found that assisted them in losing weight and creating a healthier body. Tammy is a writer, speaker and artist. The watercolor angel art in her book was created by Tammy. Her watercolor angels each has a special message to help you with whatever changes you desire to make in your life, and assist you in creating the happiness you deserve.

ISBN: 978-1-58776-887-3

Price: $19.95; Softcover

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