The Last Reich:  America Strikes Back

Arthur Rhodes
$19.95 plus S&H
ISBN: 1-58244-211-8
Soft Cover
324 Pages

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Advanced Praise for The Last Reich Excerpts
America 1960: After nearly ten years under the control of the Nazi regime, the United States is suffering through a period of severe economic depression and spiritual despair. However, as the oppressed citizens plod through their grim lives, there is a whisper of hope. The underground movement--a dauntless network of American patriots working tirelessly against the German forces that occupy the country--is preparing to make another major strike against the hated Blackshirts. The weapons are different at the second Battle of Lexington, but the courage is the same as two hundred years ago.

The Last Reich is a riveting thriller that imagines a stark dystopia created by Hitler's success in his campaign to dominate the world. In this ingeniously conceived post-World War II fantasy, the balance of power is about to shift again. While insurgence escalates to open warfare in the United States, Germany is also contending with internal conflicts and civil war. As a ravening Reich Chancellor desperately grasps to maintain Germany's authority, the American Army, the legacy of the land of the free, strikes with unprecedented speed and power in the climactic battle.

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