I Hope the Hell I WIN!

Turning Hope into Reality...
How Winners Win

Dr. Steven M. Rosenberg, Ph.D.
$15.95 plus S&H
ISBN: 1-887750-69-X
Hard Cover
175 Pages

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"I've had the pleasure of working with Dr. Steven Rosenberg during his association with the Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Club. I have worked with Steve on relaxation, visualization, mind clearing, and other mind conditioning technics. I would like to thank Steve for helping me achieve my maximum potential as a professional athlete."
- Mark Howe Former Philadelphia Flyers Star

In his new book, I Hope the Hell I Win! Turning Hope into Reality... How Winners Win, Dr. Steven Rosenberg, Ph.D., brings to bear all of the knowledge and experience he has acquired during his career of helping professional athletes achieve peak performance, gathering his wisdom in one volume and thus enabling the athlete-at whatever level of expertise-to become the best athlete that one can be...and the best person one can be.

Dr. Rosenberg's holistic approach to becoming a good person and a good athlete, through adopting a sound philosophy of life combined with such techniques as hypnosis, meditation, biofeedback, visualization and nutrition, has practical applications for everyone. Readers, during the course of learning how to master the inner game to succeed at sports and life, will be treated to an exposure of a wide variety of techniques, including those already mentioned, plus yoga, transcendental meditation, Rolfing, t'ai chi ch'uan, and the power of positive thinking. While teaching us how to better listen to the body as well as the mind, Dr. Rosenberg also sheds light on the value of vitamin and mineral supplements. Finally, he shows us how to cope with sports injuries, highlighting the importance of focusing on prevention as much as on cure.

Backed up by extensive scientific research, he integrates all of the information and counsels us on how to take charge of our own minds through concentration, enabling us to take full control over our bodies; how to break the "disbelief barrier," freeing us all to break through to peak performance; and, ultimately, how we can harmonize body, mind and spirit into an integrated whole. This is a book that not only athletes everywhere, both professional and amateur, but everyone in everyday life will want to keep on their shelves. Thanks to Dr. Rosenberg, now we all "can do it!"

About the Author

Steven M. Rosenberg, Ph.D., was born in Philadelphia in 1947. He did his undergraduate work at Temple University before receiving his doctorate from Southwest University.

During the course of his subsequent career as a teacher, psychotherapist and hypnotist, he has helped 25,000 people quit smoking, and every November conducts a mass smoke-out.

Dr. Rosenberg has also been the team psychotherapist for the Philadelphia Flyers professional hockey team and a consultant for the "Perspective" T.V. series. The recipient of the Selah Award and an inductee into the Hypnosis Hall of Fame, he was voted Cambridge's Man of the Year for 1994 and was listed in Who's Who in the East 1993-94.

Dr. Rosenberg has one son, Jeffrey, and makes his home in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania.

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