World Enough and Time

Dr. Allan Rothman
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ISBN: 1-58244-203-7
Hard Cover
272 Pages

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 For Neil Schiller, it is a moment that will forever be etched in his memory--that first tantalizing glimpse of Donna Siegel at a high school dance. Neil is so taken with the chestnut-haired beauty that he is able to overcome his gawky adolescent shyness to win over the first girl he ever wanted.

Despite their very different natures, they are drawn to each other with the irresistible sweetness and aching tenderness of first love. As they both embark on the challenge of leaving the comfort of their Long Island community to separately begin their college educations, they make an ardent commitment to one another. And, for a while, they manage to nurture their promise--but time, distance and new experiences stretch the bond that ties them to the breaking point.

Years later they meet again in New York City. Donna is now a young society matron with a glamorous career, and Neil is a neurology resident at a Manhattan hospital. They renew their friendship when Donna turns to Neil, instead of her husband, for support in confronting the ultimate test of courage. Even though she betrayed Neil in the past, he is her most steadfast and beloved friend.

In this sensitive and insightful portrait of a relationship, Allan L. Rothman has created unforgettable characters that compel us to wonder about the paths not taken in our own lives.

About the Author

Dr. Allan Rothman is a neurologist in practice for over twenty years. He currently resides with his wife, Nancy, and his two children in Northern Westchester, N.Y. World Enough and Time is his first novel.

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