Attitude is Everything!

Paula G. Theodore
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ISBN: 978-1-58776-893-4
Soft Cover

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If you canít change your circumstance, change your attitude!

Attitude is Everything! is about attitude influencing outcomes. The way we view our situations and life circumstances has a profound impact on how we incorporate other aspects of our life into those situations to achieve the optimal outcome.

Attitude IS everything! Attitude cannot change the circumstance but It CAN change the outcome by changing our viewpoint and opening us up to other possibilities. No matter what the situation is, the outcome can be significantly influenced by our attitude.

This book is for everyone. It is about reaching down inside, to our very core, and applying our best self to our life circumstances. Itís about finding out what weíre made of by how we deal with the circumstances life presents. We have what it takes. Reach inside and find it!

About the author:

Paula Theodore has been described as an inspiration and an example by people who have crossed her path both personally and professionally. Paulaís attitude is everything approach to life is quite simple: no procrastination, no what ifs, no I cantís, no why meís. By education Paula holds a B.S. in Computer Technology. By life experience she holds a Masters of Survivorship. Paula is always on a quest for answers and views people and life as big puzzles to be solved. In her vocabulary the word ďNoĒ translates to the offer of a challenge and not the end of the line.

ISBN: 978-1-58776-893-4

Price: $20.00; Softcover

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