Decorating Time Savers

Jack Warner
$15.95 plus S&H
ISBN: 1-58244-190-1
Soft Cover
128 Pages

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What did award-winning advertising executive Jack Warner learn from acquiring three houses in six years? After a trial-and-error process, he became an expert in completely outfitting a stylish, comfortable home quickly and affordably.

In Decorating Time Savers he shares the meticulously honed strategies that make it possible to economically furnish and equip an entire house in as little as thirty days. With creative flair and military precision, this no-nonsense how-to book for real people on a budget takes an overwhelming project and breaks it down into easily accomplished steps.

By mapping out a workable plan for each room, drawing up essential lists, and making a few scouting expeditions with a color palette in mind and measurements in hand, the home of your dreams can be a tangible reality.

Decorating Time Savers is a wonderful and practical guide to creative home decorating. It is a perfect gift for newlyweds, recent college grads, downsizing seniors, relocating families -- anyone who wants to take an empty room and turn it into an inviting, functional living space.

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